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5 Ways to do Business Cards

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Most businesses need a business card, and so what type do you go for? The days of the boring white card stock business card are gone, and we've moved into unique business card territory. Check out these five types:


Property development business cards.

Yes, the old standby, paper. Don't write it off just yet, though. Choices in paper business cards are many, from a thick sturdy bond paper to colored paper, card stock, and even textured paper! And let's not even go into shapes—paper business cards are available in almost any shape you can think of, from simple circles or squares to things like elephant shapes, or really, whatever you want.


Shiny landscaping business cards.

Want your business card to keep a space in your new prospect's wallet? Go for the plastic card. Just a bit more expensive than paper, plastic cards are fun, versatile, and present your business in a very unique and professional way.


Yes, that braille. You don't need to work at a school for the Blind to use an accessible

Braille business card.

business card like this one. Yes, cards like this would be great for someone who works with the blind, but really, it would be nice if all business cards were more accessible like this type.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel busines card.

If you are in a very high-end industry, the stainless steel card might be the way to go. It's the most expensive card listed here, but also incredibly impressive. If I was given one of these, I might even have a hard time throwing it away. :)


Last but certainly not least, the wood card. These were super expensive when they first came out, but then as thinner versions came out, the price went down quite a bit. Definitely impressive, and very unique.

Wood workshop business card.

So, these are all viable (and impressive) business cards. Try different styles out and see how clients and prospective clients respond!

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