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Think Business Cards are "So 90's"? Think Again: 4 Reasons You Need a Business Card

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Businessman holding card that says I'm Old School.

In today’s high-tech, web-based world, it’s easy to prematurely declare older forms of marketing obsolete, but the truth is, a lot of these marketing tools are still extremely useful, and in some cases, necessary. Let’s take the business card, for example. I’ve met several startup company CEOs who were interested in networking, but when I asked them for a card, they just verbally gave me a web address. Who were these CEOs and what company were they representing? I have no idea. They didn’t give me anything to remember them by except a web address that they asked me to type in my phone, which then just went in my browser history, like all forgotten sites.

Some companies have tried to merge today’s tech with yesterday’s by texting a digital “business card”, but really, that isn’t much more effective. Until you can meet someone and then upload your business and contact details into their memory like a hard drive (let’s hope this never happens), business cards are a necessity. Here are some reasons why.

1. People don’t remember URLs unless they use them on a regular basis.

Unless your business name is short, sweet, and incredibly memorable (think, the URL is most likely not going to stay in anyone’s head. Even if you were to type it in their phone, it will get lost in the shuffle.

2. In a lot of industries, business cards are still the gold standard of networking.

Are you a lawyer, salesperson, or work in any office of any kind? Most likely, you’re expected to have a business card. If you don’t, then you can expect for some of your credibility to go right out the window upon meeting someone else in the field.

3. Handing someone a business card validates your business and comes across as very professional.

Back in the '80s and '90s, if you had a business card, you were big money. Or at least you owned your own business, and both situations fared well at the high school reunion. Now, it’s just a way of saying “I’m professional and organized, and I care deeply about how my company is presented to people I meet.”

4. It’s an easy way to give out your contact details, even in personal situations.

Have you ever been having a great conversation with someone at a party, but you are hesitant to give them your number and suggest that you get together? We all feel that from time to time, even with platonic new friends. Enter the handy business card. Just hand it over, suggest you stay in touch, and feel awesome for not making it weird.

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