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Cool Free Productivity Download of the Week: DeskPins

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Dual monitor setup.

You know those redundant data entry tasks that require you to click back and forth and minimize/maximize your windows, just so you can copy information from one app and paste it in another? Yeah, we aren't fans of those tasks, either. Most of us just accept the inefficiency of those tasks as necessary, and others wind up adding one (or two, or three) monitors to their desks to try to make these tasks a little more bearable. Enter DeskPins. Deskpins works like a pushpin, letting you "pin" any window to the screen, so that when you go back and forth between the windows, there's no minimizing, maximizing, or other time-wasters.

Check out the screenshot below to see how "pinning" works:

Contact list in Excel.

The software was developed as a free program by a programmer in Greece, Elias Fontinis. It can be downloaded from his website for free. DeskPins is a light & easy app that can save a ton of time, and maybe save you from getting that second monitor. Try it out!

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