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Easily remove image backgrounds in Wix

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I've previously written about Wix's built in image libraries. Wix Media Manager also comes with basic image editing tools in its Photo Editor that allow you to crop, add filters, and add overlays. Of course, Adobe's Creative Cloud (including Photoshop) is the industry standard for image creation and manipulation, and I do use that daily. For basic alterations like cropping, though, it saves time to manipulate images right in Wix. My absolute favorite Wix image editing tool is Cut Out. Wix provides a handy tutorial about how to use it. Here are the top two situations where this tool saves me time:

When I want to use a photo but not the background

As a web designer, I sometimes need to incorporate images that don't match the design of the page. The existing background in a photo may be distracting, clashing, or not send the right message. A different background may look more consistent and professional, or may help make accompanying text more readable. With Wix Photo Editor, I can cut out existing backgrounds and and replace them with a solid color, image, or texture.

person with short dark hair and glasses in a blue shirt
Use the Cut Out tool to remove this background.
Same person with a different background
Same person, different background!

In some photos, there may be patches that the Auto Cut Out tool misses. You can refine these with the Restore, Erase, and Fix Edges tools.

Refine Tool in Photo Studio
Refine the Auto Cut Out

When I want to make a logo background transparent

I use the Cut Out tool most frequently to make backgrounds of logos and icons transparent. Oftentimes, logos will have a white background, which doesn't look professional if your page background isn't white. For example, on our logo design page (screenshot below), we want all the logos to show the light wood texture in the background. Because logos generally have sharper edges than photos, the Auto Cut Out tool usually works perfectly, no editing needed!

etain services logo
Screenshot of a web page with a logo that has a transparent background

I hope this quick fix right within Wix saves you some time. What's your favorite photo editing tool?

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