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Excellent for individuals and small businesses. Perfect for membership-based organizations.

Websites are an amazing marketing tool that amplifies and powers your online presence—but some organizations need more than just a website. For membership-based organizations like synagogues, churches, mosques, and community groups, being able to manage members, send out email marketing, and receive online donations is of considerable importance. Want an all-in-one solution for your organization? Look no further. 

The Membership Organization Web Package

Many of our clients were unhappy with the all-in one web solutions they were using for their organizations. They were expensive, clunky, hard for members and employees to use, constantly having outages and didn't provide a modern, impressive website. We wanted to create a solution that was better for our clients in every way, and still much more affordable than their other options. Our Membership Organization package includes all of the features below, and is built on Wix.  The only costs are the Wix monthly fee and your initial cost for your custom website design (which averages between $200-$500). That's it.